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Hola 🙌
With recent move to remote work for everyone, it became more difficult to spend time together with a team.
We have been playing - but annoyed already after a few games.

Does anybody have a favourite simple web game for a team that just easy to start playing for anyone in a browser? Well, mobile games also must be fun, as far as it's available on both android/ios
I wish designers could play CS

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Drawful 2 (

This is my favorite party game.

Someone has to buy a copy and stream the game, but other players only need to use browser.

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All Jackbox'es are good )

  Развернуть 1 комментарий is simple and interesting game for team

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Whilst it's not what you're asking, I want to shoutout Steam Remote Play Together that I'm using to stay in touch with friends. You only have to own one copy of the game, but your friends have to install Steam.

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🔥 that's handy, should be easy for others to connect

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Вастрик Блогер, питонист, мизантроп 29 апреля 2020 — almost like Mafia but with elections and Hitler

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lol, unfortunetelly I will avoid this one playing with teammates 😅
but thanks, it will be fun with friends 🌝

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Вастрик Блогер, питонист, мизантроп 29 апреля 2020

Survive the Internet is funny too, here's a gameplay video for example

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Maxim Soldatenco учусь и преподаю 29 апреля 2020

Hola! You can play Cards vs Humanity online at: Please notice that there is an option to switch between three servers by changing the number in the first part of the URL (pyx-1/2/3). GL with your teambuilding :)

  Развернуть 1 комментарий has lots of simple board games adapted for browser

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Andrii Druzhynin Средний джавист-котлинист. Верчу жсоны на заднем дворе. 30 апреля 2020

You can try web version of Catan.

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🔝 appreciate the reference

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Мы играем в 60секунд (это как что?где?когда?) и квизы.
Сейчас многие из них в онлайн ушли, вопросы по зуму читают, ответы в гуглоформы собирают.
Не самый simple вариант, конечно, но зато интересно

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